What’s the best way to group my clients?

If the approach is too complicated, you won’t use it. Most systems are. So, few people use them that even if there is any value to the system, it’s lost. Yet, I believe there is value in sorting your clients, as long as you keep it simple. I call it “Clientele...

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Can You Speak?

Working with ICON's and Top Producers over the years I learned that public speaking can make the difference in your prospecting efforts. Learning to master your message in front of a large group will help you be better in one on one meetings. Sadly it doesn't work the...

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Should I move into the “High Net Worth market”?

Three insurance company presidents recently bemoaned the fact that no one was working in the middle-income markets anymore. Now they want you back where the people are. It would have been more compelling if it weren’t the companies themselves that pushed advisors away...

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