Re-Energizing Advisors with

the Art of High Performance

Jim Ruta

The Re-Energizer






They call me the Re-Energizer. This is because I know how challenging on the spirit the life insurance agent and financial advisor business can be and how valuable it is to be recharged to keep at it. I know this because I was a successful agent and manager in this business for many years and have since been blessed to work with thousands of advisors around the world. The countries change. The companies change. The products change. The languages change. But, the challenges are the same. I take them on for advisors.

My mission is to rebuild, reposition and re-energize advisors, especially in the life insurance business.  I do my best to leave an audience or a coaching client with the winning perspective and inspired to be more and do more every time. I re-energize people to be their very best so they can help more and sell more. Read More…

“Jim is one of the best business coaches in the world.  He helps me think better. What Jim offers is vital at a time when so few are taught the necessary skills to achieve at the highest levels. His perspective is valuable everywhere, not just in Canada and the U.S.”

Van Mueller

Top of the Table, MDRT

“Thanks for your participation at our Fall Sales Congress.  As many times as I have heard you speak, I think each one is better than the last.  You did an awesome job.”

Brian McMillan

Program Chair, Simcoe Muskoka, Advocis

Thank you so much for helping us have the most successful meeting to date! It was very beneficial for our members and guests. We have gotten lots of positive feedback in regards to you alone! Hope to have you back for future meetings!

Richard Bonchick

ChFC CLU, President, Sawgrass NAIFA Chapter

“Jim, you were always a great presenter, but this today was an amazing ‘performance’.  Congratulations on a great presentation to The Banff School.”

Kris Birchard

Chair, Advocis

Performance Club, Managed Study Groups, Private Coaching

Prospecting As Fishing!

Prospecting As Fishing!

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