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If your sales cycle is too long and you’re beginning to feel invisible and ineffective due to under-performance, it’s time to put things into perspective. Now is the time to examine your practice habits and measure those against your visceral aptitude.

You can increase your production. Even top producers suffer from lack of enthusiasm and under-reaching in the middle of learning curves especially when intimidated by the rapid advances of technology on the whole and social media specifically. Left to its own momentum, social media will rob you of productive daily practices.

It’s one thing to rise to the level of top producer. It’s quite another to maintain and increase production while global and local destabilizing events in the economy and in your life are the very definition of uncertain times.

Speaker and coach, Jim Ruta, BA, RHU, has some answers for new and seasoned advisors who are committed to the progressive realization of a worthy goal. Working with advisors around the world, Jim offers the broader perspective in his signature presentation series and book, Master the Art of High Performance Life Insurance Selling©.

Click on the video below to hear Jim explain what he means by you approaching your business and your future as an “Art.”