Ignite Your How

“Activating Existing Resources to Achieve More”

I believe that the only magic left in practice management is doing what we already know how to do. What we don’t know about practice management is insignificant compared to the power of putting what we do know to work.  You know how. But, “Will you do the “how” you know?”

“Ignite Your How” means taking advantage of what you already know “how” to do. You need to put the “Hows” you know to work for you in your business to achieve more.

I help advisors and leaders put their “How” to work for them. When you “Ignite Your How” you will be all you want to be – and more.

To “Ignite Your How” means acquiring the winning perspective, the business understanding, single-minded resolve and courage to make it happen. This is simple but not easy. That’s why not everyone does it. I can show you how.

If it’s time for you to “Ignite Your How”, I know I can help. Call me.

Jim Ruta

Books & Courses

How to Win Sales and Increase Profits

This book is a powerful blend of motivational, practical and technical wisdom to help you attain new heights of sales success.

90 Seconds to Success

90 seconds to success with John Kanary & Jim Ruta consits of 6 powerful lessons and isider information for your insurance business.


A Unique “Performance Club” designed for financial advisors, leaders and sales professionals who want to master the art of high performance.

Crack the Codes

The only magic left in practice management is getting advisors to do it – to use what they know how to do to be a success.

It was a true honour and privilege to have you here in Omaha—you were absolutely AWESOME!!! You are not only a great Ambassador for the Life Insurance Industry—but your Passion and Belief System about who we are and the difference we make in our Clients’ Lives is truly remarkable and an inspiration—thanks for bringing your Missionary Zeal to us today—we were blessed by your Message—it was timely and so refreshing in this day and age. Safe travels, my friend—looking forward to seeing you again in the not too distant future.”

Terry Headley

Past National President, NAIFA





How Insurance Agents and Managers get all the Best Advice and Motivation to:

Find new clients and staff
Make Calls
Close new business

Stay Active
Be Consistent
Be Confidence
Stay Persistence
Manage their Practice

You can have a speaker, a coach or an Emcee that will help you all do these things better. Discover how you can make your personal strengths your business model. Learn how to create the ideal business model – money making machine – for you, your interests and style. Get the motivational sparks that will help you what you are doing better and the ideas to use what you already know to best advantage. You need Jim Ruta.

Looking for special sales and marketing ideas like advertising, copy development and promotional ideas? Jim Ruta.

Financial Services (especially life insurance agency) manager coaching to help build teams with future ICONs and top producers. Jim Ruta

Jim Ruta is one of the best business coaches in the world. He helps me think better. What Jim offers is vital at a time when so few are taught the skills necessary to achieve at the highest levels. Jim will show you how.

Van Mueller

MDRT, Top of the Table

If you have a performance problem or a performance opportunity there is no one better for you or your group than Jim Ruta.

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