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If the approach is too complicated, you won’t use it. Most systems are. So, few people use them that even if there is any value to the system, it’s lost. Yet, I believe there is value in sorting your clients, as long as you keep it simple.

I call it “Clientele Triage”. We have limited time, money and energy. That’s why it makes sense to triage your clients for your best investment. It makes you more effective. It also defines your best audience. That alone can multiply your profits. The “client segmentation” strategies I’ve seen are logical, left-brain approaches. Unfortunately, the idea calls for a common sense, right-brain approach. Complicated systems beg to be started and dropped. They often come from academics who have never sold anything and wouldn’t. Beware of strategies promoted by people who never have to use them.

What is the smart and simple way? There are only two types of clients or prospects anyway – the ones you want to work with and the ones you don’t. Call them A Clients and B Clients if you must. I call them “Focus Clients” and “Non-focus Clients”. Just ask yourself three easy questions to decide which of your current roster is which: 1) “Do I like them?” If you like them, you’ll work with them. You’ll call them. You’ll take care of them. If you don’t, you won’t. 2) “Do they like me?” If they like you, they’ll take your call. They’ll take your advice.

They will pass your name along to people they know. If they don’t, why are you wasting your time? You’re just being annoying. 3) “Do they have some business potential that makes sense to you?” Maybe they have a whack of business with you and you want to keep it? Maybe they could have a whack of business with you one day and you want a shot at it? Maybe they know people you want to meet? Maybe you just like them. 

That’s it and it works.

Setting artificial standards sounds professional but doesn’t do much for your relationship. Here’s what you’ll discover: both groups have identifiable characteristics. Prospect for more Focus Clients. Avoid the others. If you want to know what to do with the two groups once you have them, email me and I’ll send you my Special Report.

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