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One company I worked with had a “Pacesetter” campaign every January. The idea was “As January went, so went the year.” It worked very well. When you get ahead of your objectives early, the pressure to perform drops and you can do even better. Be careful of the reverse though… “I’m ahead now, it’s time to relax.” It didn’t work for the hare and it won’t work for you.

Be a “multiplier” not a “divider”. Multipliers take a great month and multiply it by 12 for their yearly potential. Dividers, divide the year by the results of a great month to see how much time they can take off. When you are “playing over your head” you are just “playing up to your potential.”

Don’t have a campaign? Start your own. Choose a product, concept, audience or income target and go for it. Give yourself a meaningful prize if you make it. Keep in mind, “Your attitude, not your aptitude determines your altitude.” The Harvard Business Review said this in 1960. It’s still true today. I add this: “Your attitude is inversely proportional to the length of time since your last sale.” So, if your last sale was yesterday, the math is 1/1 or a 100% attitude. If it was 10 days ago, then 1/10 equals a 10% attitude.

Attitude drops off very quickly. So, plan to make more sales each year to kick start the new year. The more sales you make, the better your attitude. The better your attitude, the more sales you make. Be like Top of the Table MDRT advisors who routinely do many more than 100 sales per year. They know that “Success is the natural consequence of large numbers – of sales, prospects, interviews, closes, referrals…” Now, you do too. Make this year, the year you make it happen.

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