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Have Jim Speak to Your Group – Themes and Topics

Jim’s keynote presentations focus on the Art of High Performance for Financial Advisors. He provides that “winning perspective” on practice management, sales tactics and the regulatory environment that ignite motivation to do and be the best. His most popular recent talks have been:

1. “The Art of High Performance is Like Magic”

where, using some actual magic Jim exposes the amazing opportunity that exists in today’s and why Advisors are missing the boat and their clients are sunk if they don’t get on board.

2. ||The Prospecting (New Business Development) Mindset”

Top advisors don’t go prospecting… they prospect as they go. Prospecting is part of everything they do. This presentation redefines prospecting and helps advisors of all tenures be better at it. Attendees takeaway the questions and tools they need to be “prospecting advisors” and develop all the business they need to achieve their highest goals.

3. “Do you have High Performance Potential”

is based on decades of research around the world and focuses on the 14 common tactics the best advisors and entrepreneurs use to reach iconic performance. Jim reveals the secrets and provides the single key that it takes to make each of them part of an advisor’s business.

4. “Follow-Up and Follow Through – The 10 Hallmarks of a High Performance Professional Advisor”

explains how excellent client service is actually a savvy but very uncommon sales strategy and what it takes to build a business around it. It takes differentiation to a higher level.

5. “10 Simple Things You Can Do Today to be More Productive Tomorrow”

is a checklist of simple but powerful tactics any advisor can use to start performing better immediately. When you need specific tools right now, this is the presentation for your group.

6. “The Five Star Advisor – How to be a Master of High Performance in Life Insurance||

Ruta and SEAL Robert O'Neill in Omaha - 2015 09 22starts with Jim’s collaboration with a US Navy SEAL Team Six leader and demonstrates the similarity of their “Mission Success”. Jim reinforces the reasons life insurance needs to be sold and how to take advantage of the major slump in life sales (even with the recent upward blip) to maximize share of wallet and market penetration…plus, help your clients do what needs to be done to improve their peace of mind.

7. ||Being Iconic - Discover the Secrets of Industry Icons||

An icon is “a person regarded as a representative symbol of something”. It’s being the ideal in your category. “Being Iconic” simply means being the best of the best. It’s the only proper target for today’s insurance and financial advisor who wants to stay relevant. Jim Ruta works with industry icons. Combined with his successful 25-year leadership career in Canada’s biggest market himself, he can help you be an icon too. This high-energy, high-content session delivers the “icon mindset” and the specific tips and tools that help you to the top. Learn the questions Icons ask. Understand business development like icons understand it. Develop the processes and practices that will make you an icon in the business and as helpful and successful as you can be. It’s the only reason to be in business.

8. “Finding ICONs – How to Re-Energizing Recruiting in 5 Steps”

This presentation shows recruiting managers how to build great agencies. The sales and management icons of the future will come from the recruits of today. It’s a serious job and rests squarely on the shoulders of today’s recruiters. There are 5 specific steps and more than 30 ways for recruiters to build their attraction and selection skills and build great agencies of future icons. Learn the 11 keys to building greatness.

Each of these talks are regularly customized and tailored to suit the needs of meeting producers even as late as at the event. New ideas are always coming up as a result of my daily contact with advisors of all kinds, everywhere. I take great pride in making sure that the content you expect is what you need and that you get even more than you hoped for. My job is to make organizers look like geniuses for bringing me in.”

Jim Ruta

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