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Even if you are making good money, you are making it tough on yourself. You’re a perfect example of letting the “Attitude Code” work against you – “Your attitude is inversely related to the length of time since your last sale”.

Here’s the math: If you made your last sale yesterday, it’s one day since your last sale. That means your attitude is 1/1 day or 1. That’s a 100% attitude. You know how you feel after you just made a big sale… you’re ready to take on the world. You’re firing on all cylinders. You are at 100%. Now, if it has been 10 days since your last sale, your attitude is 1/10 or just 10% of what it could be. Sure, it might still be enough to do business but it won’t be as easy.

If it has been 60 days since your last sale, your attitude is 1/60 or just about 2%. What can you accomplish with a 2% attitude? Not a lot. This is why consistency is so highly valued.

If you are consistently making sales, you have a consistently good attitude. If your attitude is good, business is better. Remember the old maxim: “Your attitude, not your aptitude determines your altitude.” Your answer is to make some additional sales between the big ones.

I would look for prospects that may one day qualify to do your big deals, but you can start with smaller cases today. This way, you stay with the right audience but can double or even triple your business quickly. You’ll also be better prepared for the big ones when they come by. And, you’ll sell more of them. You can make the “Attitude Code” work for you.

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