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You are in the last “danger zone” at your seventh anniversary. Advisors commonly second-guess themselves at two, five and seven years. You are likely to wonder whether you are doing the right thing, are doing enough of it or should finally get a “real job”.

The solution is to get a better understanding of your business. If the scope of your business overwhelms you, you are likely to second-guess yourself. If every prospect situation is entirely unfamiliar to you, you are likely to be too overworked to do the best job.

The solution is to tighten up both your service and your market. Then, learn as much as possible about both. You’ll be more competent. You’ll feel more confident. You’ll feel better and do better.

The second thing is to understand the nature of business. This always came at me in some version of “it’s a numbers game”. This didn’t do me any good. Then, my friend Brian McMillan told me the secret: “SW, SW, SW, SW, SW – Next”. This is the best business advice you’ll get all year. It means “Some Will, Some Won’t, So What? Some are Willing, Some are Waiting. Next!” It’s the truth. You find buyers by eliminating non-buyers. The buyers will appear if you keep looking. Control your enthusiasm by controlling your expectations.

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