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This doesn’t have to be fatal unless you blow the problem out of proportion and decide this is a sign you’re in big trouble. You could be, but not necessarily. Sometimes, you’re just stuck.

The easiest way to get unstuck is the simplest – make some real changes.

This may sound a little too simple, but stick with me. Practical experience and actual research shows that changing your view in business can change your business. This change in perspective alone can do the trick.

For instance, rearrange your office. If your desk is in the middle of the room, try moving it against the window. Add a round table in front of your chair. Be more client-friendly this way. Maybe being more formal with a more traditional setup is right for you. Instead of a desk, try a small boardroom table with chairs around it? Maybe you just need some new artwork or a coat of paint? You may try sharing an office with a colleague.

Change your surroundings so you have to reset your expectations. This mindset reset often gets you moving in the right direction. Any scenery change has proven very helpful.

Change your business style. Maybe you can start using a formal engagement process with your new prospects. You might want to start using a formal written presentation. A PowerPoint? Maybe it’s time to change to a more casual but organized approach? How about arranging seminars to attract business. Offer a gift book to new prospects. Give yourself something new to think about and give yourself the impulse you need.

Refocus your business. If you’re stuck, maybe you’re not in your best market – the one where you have natural influence. Changing to your natural market can change your business prospects immediately. You can change your business offering to the market too. Create a package of ideas that meet the needs of your best audience and that you can be passionate about. Refocusing your business will reignite your results.

Finally, change your personal appearance. A bizarre idea? Not really. Changing the person you see in the mirror can help you change what you do. A new hair cut or wardrobe change ; growing a moustache or shaving it off, could just do the trick. You’ll be amazed how these simple tricks can make moving easy.

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