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This is more common than you might think. You can get stuck anytime of the year. Sometimes, business just stops. It’s annoying and frustrating. Those feelings only make it worse. What do you do to get unstuck?

Here’s a simple solution. Make a simple change in your daily business routine to change your mindset and get your business back on the rails. Take some new action. One of these “Business Activators” can work for you.

  1. Call 10 of your best clients just to “check up”. Calling friendly people boosts your confidence and gets you in motion. Better yet, you will undoubtedly trip over new business in the process.
  2. Send 5 thank you notes. There are always people you can thank for their help with your business. When you do, you make yourself look good too. But, this is not something you do on email. The only proper and effective way to show appreciation (or sympathy) is with a good old fashioned, handwritten note.
  3. Send 5 pre-approach letters to your best audience. 25 years ago, advisors sent a lot more pre-approach mail. They were also more productive then too. A good pre-approach letter will cut through the noise. You’ll get moving because you tend to make the calls you promise to make. Email me for a letter template you can use.
  4. Stop at two businesses today and pick up their business cards. Just stop and pick up a card or two. “Do you have a business card? I’d like to send the owner/ manager a letter?” You can then approach them for business or family purposes as your expertise warrants.
  5. Deliver a “hot product” brochure (with your card stapled to it) to two prospects today. There is always a hot product on the street. Hot products always have hot brochures. They are better in a prospect’s garbage can than they are in your briefcase. Get them out there. Get yourself in the game.
  6. Call your best prospects. Great potential business often makes the call a positive adventure. Get one of these appointments and you will build momentum that will last months.
  7. Send 25 direct mail letters in your “neighbourhood”. Think letters don’t work? Even wonder why credit card companies and magazines (including the Harvard Business Review) do it? It works. Try working close to home for a change. The key to get moving is to just do something different. You need an impulse of energy to overcome inertia. It’s just physics. You’ll be amazed at how changing the way you look at things can make the things you look at change. Activate your business and yourself and stay in business all year long.
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