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Right after Van spoke in Canada, he and I shared the main platform at the Lone Star Symposium in Houston. I heard his talk and spoke with him for a couple of hours. I know his secret.

Let’s be clear though, Van Mueller is a very special sales person. Yes, he says he’s in “sales”. To my mind, Van Mueller is next in the line of insurance industry greats.

His secret is in his presentation about “the five questions every middle income American has to deal with if they want to be comfortable financially.” Summarizing them into one: “What do you want to happen WHEN you die, are disabled, retire, get sick or need long term care?” (not IF, WHEN) He’s convinced, so he’s convincing. He speaks with extraordinary passion about this package of issues he believes are ruining the lives of Americans but that only insurance agents like he can solve.

His mission is to help anyone who’ll listen, survive in style. He presents hundreds of newspaper articles to make his point. He tells dozens of stories to drive it home. He has his audience crying. He believes. They do too. But, he says one thing that many advisors probably don’t hear. He says his stage presentation is the same as what he tells prospects – “They don’t buy what you say, they buy how you say it.”

I bet many advisors think he’s kidding. I saw him chat up a clerk at a convenience store. He isn’t.

He tells the story about speaking with a grandmother. When he was done, she broke down crying and went into the living room to lie down. He was embarrassed, packed up and headed for the door, apologizing. “Where are you going? Can you tell that story here on Friday? I want my family to hear it.” He returned to 31 chairs in the living room and 75 apps by 2:30 am the next morning. That’s 31 appointments in one sitting. That’s why 1,000 cases.

Clients recommend great expertise with great enthusiasm. Imagine if every client you sold referred another 70 cases? Start with their problems. Package your solutions. Present with purpose and passion. It’s the secret to Van’s excellence and productivity.

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