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When I was a branch manager, this came up all the time and I never really had an answer I liked. I have the answer today, though. Working with thousands of agents, I discovered that if you have to push yourself to do your job, you’re doing the wrong job. At best, you’ll only ever have average results.

But, if you love what you do, do it well and get paid well to do it, you’re in the right place. These people don’t have to motivate themselves. They naturally overlook the challenges and perform well. So, your question masks another. “Are you in the right business?” Sometimes this means you need to change businesses. Don’t let your ego get in the way of what’s right for you. Life is too short to do something you can’t do with enthusiasm and passion. You and your clients deserve better.

The solution doesn’t have to be that drastic, though. Maybe you’re not on the wrong road, just in the wrong lane. Often, all you have to do is make some changes. Do what is right for you. Build the business you want. If you’re trying to do it all you’re killing your chances for success. Better performance is the natural result of concentrating your effort and resources not spreading them out.

Smart and simple rules: Choose the product or service that you love and that works best for you. Rebuild your business around it. Make it the focus of your marketing and promotion. Make it your identity. I guarantee that your motivation problems will disappear and your production will soar.

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