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You may be past the point of no return, looking for a way to “escape” if you’re asking this question. I remember telling an agent that if she called 100 people for an appointment first, she could then quit with a clean conscience. So, she called, said something like, “You don’t want to see me about your life insurance do you?”, got no appointments and quit. She just needed an excuse.

Stanley Cup winner Gary Dornhoefer told me he retired from hockey because he discovered he just wasn’t excited to go to the rink anymore. His passion for hockey was gone. It was time to quit. (He made MDRT in his first year as an agent.)

Have you lost your passion? You need passion to be successful. And, it has to love you back, meaning you get the rewards you want, the satisfaction you need and your share of congratulations with few complaints.

Passion loss often comes from being overwhelmed. Maybe you’ve taken on too much in your business? Is it time to focus just on what you love to do, or just the people you want to work with and reignite your results?

Maybe you’ve misinterpreted your feelings about your work? Focusing on feelings you have before doing something rather than the feelings on completion, misdirects you. Saying you hate making new calls or the business but love getting new appointments or helping people might actually means you love making calls and the business. Focus on the achievement rather than the apprehension for the right approach.

Maybe you’ve just lost your way? If you think that success comes easy to winners and you’re working too hard, you’re thinking is wrong. Business is not easy. Even winners have to work. Especially winners. But, they love the work so it doesn’t look “hard”. If you don’t love your business, it won’t look easy and you’ll have trouble. Remember, you can’t make yourself love it. Either you love it or you don’t. If there is nothing in your business you love to do, there is nothing to do. Life is too short to be doing things you don’t love.

So, test yourself. Do the business you want for another 30 days. If you’re satisfied but can still quit when you are winning, it’s time. On the other hand, you may recharge your career.

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