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There are two ways to be a success in the financial services business: 1. Work like a dog – do it all. 2. The right way – focus your efforts.

I just returned from a couple of speaking engagements in Singapore and heard a wonderful story about this. After talking about focusing on your natural audience, a Top of the Table member got up and said the difference between “just MDRT production” and TOT for him was focusing on retirement planning only. Just that one change made a 600% difference in his business – IN ONE YEAR!

OK, your mileage may vary but what if you were only half as effective as he was? Maybe only a quarter as effective? Could you use a 150% improvement in your income? Who couldn’t?

Here is the magic. You don’t have to do anything new to make this sort of dramatic improvement in your production. You do not have to demolish and rebuild your business. You don’t have to learn a whole new way of doing business. You already know how.

You are already doing the type of business that will explode your results. The only problem is that it is buried among all the other business activities that don’t have the same return or potential for you. You water down the impact of your best business with the business that is only average. You can still be successful this way but you will have to work like a dog to do it.

The answer is to stop doing what you don’t love to do. That business will never get you all the success you are capable of achieving anyway. It won’t be your best work either.

I used to tell recruits that they could do any business they wanted, work with anyone they wanted, make all the money they wanted and take off all the time they wanted. You really can.

You don’t have to work like a dog to be successful. You have to focus. When you do, you will not only be more successful, you will be doing the type of business that energizes you. You will earn all the money you expected. You will have the vacations you deserve and the money to enjoy them. So, specialize. You’ll make your life easier, your business simpler and yourself more productive.

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