How to Win Sales and Increase Profits


This book is a powerful blend of motivational, practical and technical wisdom to help you attain new heights of sales success.

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To be successful today, financial advisors need to know how to apply the rules of business effectively to the unique challenges of professional financial distribution. They need simple tools and honest ideas that work.

How to Win Sales & Increase Profits with Jim Ruta provides this valuable and necessary guidance, along with a strong dose of inspiration. Through his many years of business coaching and motivational speaking, Jim Ruta has beenĀ a sounding board for hundreds of financial advisorsĀ and industry leaders around the world. This book is a compendium of the wisdom and knowledge he has gained over decades in the industry, which you can now use to win the day-to-day battle of business success.


The question and answer format of this book is easy to read and simple to follow. It is written so that you can pick up the book and, in even ve minutes, discover something important to help improve your sales effectiveness and create a stronger, more pro table business.