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The Two Key Personal Strategies that Guarantee Business Building Excellence

“High performance is your ultimate objective, whether you are an advisor or a leader of advisors. While the responsibilities and results of both roles are different, the underlying philosophy and strategy must be the same. Here are two key personal strategies that...

How can I make my business more resistant to the next market collapse?

There is one key change you have to make if you want to learn from these challenging times. It’s not particularly new but it is now particularly important. “Written engagement is not optional.” Actually, written engagement has been a regulatory and contractual...

What’s the best way to group my clients?

If the approach is too complicated, you won’t use it. Most systems are. So, few people use them that even if there is any value to the system, it’s lost. Yet, I believe there is value in sorting your clients, as long as you keep it simple. I call it “Clientele...
Do I really have to specialize to be successful?

Do I really have to specialize to be successful?

There are two ways to be a success in the financial services business: 1. Work like a dog – do it all. 2. The right way – focus your efforts. I just returned from a couple of speaking engagements in Singapore and heard a wonderful story about this. After talking about...

How do you know when it’s time to quit?

How do you know when it’s time to quit?

You may be past the point of no return, looking for a way to “escape” if you’re asking this question. I remember telling an agent that if she called 100 people for an appointment first, she could then quit with a clean conscience. So, she called, said something like,...

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